Amos Brown

A midday talk show on a music station is unconventional. But it’s what Indianapolis expects when they tune to Amos Brown and Afternoons with Amos weekdays, 1pm-3pm. This two time NAB Marconi Award Finalist, member of Indiana's Broadcasters Hall of Fame every weekday discusses important issues that impact Indianapolis. Especially its African-American community. This veteran broadcaster who inaugurated the first weekday prime time radio talkshow serving the African-American community over 20 years ago, prides his program on allowing listeners access to local and national leaders in an environment of civility and respect. Amos also helps listeners deal with bureaucratic red tape; resolve instances of racial insensitivity and advocates and challenges the community to be their best. It’s why Amos Brown and Afternoons with Amos is among America’s top rated Black-oriented radio talk shows.
On Air Schedule
Afternoons With Amos M 1:00pm - M 3:00pm
Tu 1:00pm - Tu 3:00pm
W 1:00pm - W 3:00pm
Th 1:00pm - Th 3:00pm
F 1:00pm - F 3:00pm