What NOT to pack in your kid’s lunch…

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The only thing i loved about bringing my lunch to school was i got to chose whatever i wanted! And still at 22 years young, i love me some Lunchables (aka the nacho one!)

Don’t lie, you still do this too…

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So ya i might break the rules and still eat these but according to http://www.answers.com/article/1215992/10-items-you-should-never-pack-in-your-child-apos-s-lunch?param4=fb-us-de-health&param1=health&param2=2244031&param5=5&param6=6#slide=1  you should not pack these in your kid’s lunch…insert tears here!

So what else is on the list? you gotta look cause it might just surprise you more than you think!

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