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The follow-up to Lecrae‘s Grammy-winning album “Gravity” will feature the Christian rapper’s face on the cover.

Lecrae revealed early in the week on instagram his new album cover design for ‘Anomaly’ which is set to release in August 2014. The reveling of the album cover by way of social media have caused quite a stir among some of the Christian rapper followers.


In 2012, Christian Rapper Lecrae made history by becoming the first rapper to win the “Best Gospel Album” Grammy for his project Gravity, which featured contributions from other big name rappers. The artwork featured Lecrae’s face overlaid with a 3D topographical map, the cover art seems to comment on the digitized, constantly surveilled world we currently live in, situating Lecrae as an independent-minded “anomaly” in the system.


a·nom·a·ly əˈnäməlē/ noun 1. Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

I think, I get the album cover idea. According to the world and culture we live in now he’s an anomaly. He should statistically be in jail, a thug or drug dealer….but instead He’s a Lion chaser for Christ!


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