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Public Safety Dir Troy Riggs (R) with Amos in Studio

Public Safety Dir Troy Riggs (R) with Amos in Studio

The plain speaking, down to earth Public Safety Director of Indianapolis/Marion County Troy Riggs reported on the successes and challenges of his agency in an extensive Afternoons with Amos interview. Public Safety is more than the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).  And in the first part of the interview, Riggs talks about the successes in the city’s Animal Care and Control Division, where the number of animals “rescued”, saved from euthanasia is up.  Riggs also talked about the many volunteers who help expand the efforts of his department. Regarding the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD), Riggs talked to Amos and listeners about the efforts of the department to decrease the number of accidence.  He also talked about the department’s efforts to increase building inspections.  Among the challenges for the Fire Department is staffing. He was glad IFD was able to secure a Federal grant that allows it to maintain staff.  Riggs hopes that funding can continue. In the aftermath of the snow and bitter cold storm in January, Riggs talked about the role of the Homeland Security Division of his department.  Riggs explained Homeland Security’s job is coordinate resources and get groups to work together, whether its major events like the 500 Race or the Mini-Marathon or disasters like the Richmond Hill explosion of the recent storms. Regarding IMPD, Riggs lauded Chief Rick Hite and the efforts of his department.  Riggs said there were training has improved.  The challenge for IMPD will be dealing with crime.  Riggs is concerned with the increase in heroin which is a major problem now in Indianapolis and other states and cities.  Riggs said last year 95 persons died from heroin overdoses in Indianapolis.  Heroin use and addiction is a growing problem and one that leads to crime.  Riggs also said that IMPD is introducing an improved computerized reporting system.  Riggs stressed that he understands a lot of crime is not reported by residents.  He was to change that and get a better handle on the types of crimes occurring and get that information faster not just to police on the streets, but the general community.  Riggs said a new website SafeTown.Org will be launched this year that will give Indianapolis residents near real time data on crime. Click the Arrow to Hear Public Safety Director Troy Riggs’ Interview with Amos and Listeners. Runs 46 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One

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